Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Double Standard for Conservative Women

In recent days I have been appalled by the double-standard of the mainstream media in their "reporting" on Gov. Sarah Palin. The media outlets have their teeth barred at a female career person with conservative, pro-life, pro-family values. Like most Americans, I don't really know much about Gov. Palin, however, I am appalled at the media's characterization of evangelical women.

Sally Quinn, a contributing writer to the Washington Post views of evangelical women as subserviant to men, stay-at-home moms, never able to pastor a church, and little understanding of their faith. Ms. Quinn, I must challenge your remarks. As an evangelical Christian, I along with most of my evangelical friends, am a working mother. I attend a church with a female senior pastor and tend to think I have a pretty good grasp of my Christian faith. It is time for the media to stop stereotyping Christian women. We have a voice that will ring loud and clear on November 4th.

More than ever we need to pray for our nation and for the upcoming election.

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