Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 9: Election Prayer Focus Delaware

Delaware - The First State

Motto: Liberty and Independence

Capital City: Dover

Largest City: Wilmington


Governor Ruth Ann Minnor (D)

Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D) Democratic V.P. Nominee

Senator Thomas R. Carper (D)

Rep. Michael N. Castle (R)

Delaware, one of the thirteen original colonies to fight in the American Revolution, was the first to ratify the Consitution of the United States on December 7, 1787. Delaware is the second smallest state in the union, following Rhode Island with 1,954 square miles of land and a population of 843,524 people (2005). Delaware is 96 miles long and ranges from 9 to 35 miles across.

The definition of the northern boundary of the state is highly unusual. Most of the boundary between Delaware and Pennsylvania is defined by an arc extending 12 miles (19 km) from the cupola of the courthouse in New Castle. It is referred to as the Twelve-Mile Circle. This is the only true-arc political boundary in the United States. This border extends all the way east to the low-tide mark on the New Jersey shore, then continues south along the shoreline until it again reaches the twelve-mile arc in the south; then the boundary continues in a more conventional way in the middle of the main channel (thalweg) of the Delaware River Estuary. To the west, a portion of the arc extends past the easternmost edge of Maryland. The remaining western border runs slightly east of due south from its intersection with the arc. The Wedge of land between the northwest part of the arc and the Maryland border was claimed by both Delaware and Pennsylvania until 1921, when Delaware's claim was confirmed. (

In 1802, Ëleuthère Irénée du Pont established a gunpowder mill near Wilmington that laid the foundation for Delaware's huge chemical industry. Delaware's manufactured products now also include vulcanized fiber, textiles, paper, medical supplies, metal products, machinery, machine tools, and automobiles.
Delaware also grows a great variety of fruits and vegetables and is a U.S. pioneer in the food-canning industry. Corn, soybeans, potatoes, and hay are important crops. Delaware's broiler-chicken farms supply the big Eastern markets, and fishing and dairy products are other important industries.
Points of interest include the Fort Christina Monument, Hagley Museum, Holy Trinity Church (erected in 1698, the oldest Protestant church in the United States still in use), and Winterthur Museum, in and near Wilmington; central New Castle, an almost unchanged late 18th-century capital; and the Delaware Museum of Natural History.

The Dover Air Force Base, located next to the state capital of Dover, is one of the largest Air Force bases in the country and is a major employer in Delaware. In addition to its other responsibilities in the USAF Air Mobility Command, this air base serves as the entry point and mortuary for American military personnel, and some U.S. government civilians, who die overseas.

While Delaware has no places designated as national parks, national seashores, national battlefields, national memorials, or national monuments, it does have several museums, wildlife refuges, parks, houses, lighthouses, and other historic places. Delaware also boasts the longest twin span suspension bridge in the world. (

Prayer Points

*Declare revival comes to the state of Delaware.

*Declare that the people of Delaware are open and receptive to the Gospel.

*Declare that Christian media expands in Delaware.

*Declare that signs and wonders follow the preaching of the Word in Delaware.

*Declare that the economy in Delaware is strong and prosperous.

*Declare that the leaders of Delaware walk in wisdom and the fear of the Lord.

*Declare that legislation in Delaware is in accordance with the Word of God.

*Declare that Christians get out and vote in Delaware.

*Declare an accurate accounting of the vote in Delaware.

*Declare divine protection over Delaware.

*Declare divine protection over the National Guard and military personnel of Delaware.

Delaware's Silly Laws

• Delaware prohibits horse racing of any kind on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

• In Delaware it is illegal to get married on a dare.

• In Delaware you may not sell dead people for money without a license.

• It is illegal to fly over any body of water, unless one is carrying sufficient supplies of food and drink.

• Lewes: It is illegal to wear pants that are "firm fitting" around the waist; Getting married on a dare is grounds for an annulment. (

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