Friday, October 3, 2008

Election Prayer Alert

This week in the state of Ohio it is possible to register and obtain an absentee ballot the same day. Essentially, an Ohio resident can register and vote the same day. There have been reports this week of some zealous activists gathering up homeless people and offering them "incentives" to register and vote for Barak Obama. There are also reports of "incentives" being offered to college students as well.

We must join together and pray that the election results are accurate and account for the vote of every legitimate voter. Also, declare that voter fraud is exposed, reported, and prosecuted at every level.

Ohio is a key swing state in this election. In recent history no candidate has occupied the White House without winning Ohio. Pray for citizens in Ohio to let their voices be heard and denounce any criminal activity regarding the election. This democracy is a precious gift, and "we the people" have been charged with gurading it.

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