Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PRAYER ALERT! Pray for China

In recent weeks we have found ourselves in the midst of a great outpouring of the Spirit of God. One of the marks of this movement has been an increase in targeted prophetic intercession. We have experienced great breakthrough in deliverance and healing and a marked grace to pray as never before.

Last night in our Tuesday evening service heaven touched us once again. Many lives were forever changed by the power and presence of Holy Spirit. The evening closed in a time of deep intecession for the nation of China. There were many prophetic utterances and we prayed for the safety of our Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ. There is so much suffereing in China due to recent natural disasters, the fallout of which could continue for many months. Please pray for the persecuted church in China. Also, pray for the missionaries that are going to this nation during this volitile time. The eyes of the world will soon be upon this nation as the summer Olympic games get underway. Please join me in praying for true revival in China. We do not know how long this door of opportunity will remain open. Let's pray the heart of God for this nation of millions.

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Melissa Flores said...

I was at this remarkable inpromptu prayer service. It really began after the official service finished up. There were 10 or so of us (men and women) in deep travail for the people of China. The persecution of the underground church in this nation and many others must not be forgotten in our intercession. God help us to uphold our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Christ.

There will be a revival like never before in China. We may not hear about it in the mainstream media... but it is on the way.